These New Businesses That Are Flourishing

Many new concepts have emerged in the last decade and have become ubiquitous in all cities in France. Entire brands have sometimes developed while the market is sometimes fragmented like Japanese restaurants which today abound and are part of new eating habits. Zoom in on these businesses which have gradually taken their place. 

Shops linked to “healthy” food

The concepts around healthy food have established themselves well in recent years, with the poke bowl at the top of the list. Poke means “piece” or “cut” in Hawaiian and is one of the main dishes of traditional Hawaiian cuisine. In its original version, it is mainly composed of raw fish cut into cubes and served with walnuts from the Moluccas, seaweed or even sea salt. The revisited version which is very successful still consists of a base of protein with fish or tofu / fallafel but accompanied by fruits such as mango, pomegranate and raw vegetables such as avocado. A new version therefore more balanced and which competes with Japanese restaurants. Likewise, all the concepts around vegetarianism,


If there is a good one of the businesses that we have seen multiply, it is the one related to electronic cigarettes . Overall, it is the consequence of taking into account health and the increase in the price of tobacco, which have almost made it a fashion. At some point, many smokers quit their old habit of smoking cigarettes in their favor. This concept has become widely democratized and today many brands offer several perfumes and increasingly sophisticated machines. Note that a real market has been created without us realizing it with his fans and his unconditional.

Quality burger restaurants

Even if we cannot link their appearance to health and it is more common to link it to more qualitative food, burger restaurants keep winning in record time. Every month, openings are made with the arrival of brands such as Big Fernand or even new concepts such as those of the “black burger”. For lovers of fast food, it is clear that quality is part of their offer but it must be recognized that they are on average much more expensive than the American version. The concept has nevertheless succeeded in taking its place and establishing itself in particular at the level of wealthy socio-professional categories.

Escape games or the art of solving

Escape games have been around for quite some time now and they are now available almost everywhere. The principle of the concept is to find yourself locked in a room from which you must escape by solving puzzles. Obviously for security reasons, you can leave at any time, but the goal is to leave a room within a limited time. This activity requires most of the time to be at least two but can exceptionally be done alone even if one understands that for reasons of profitability, the concepts are often conceived to be solved with several.

The karaoke boxes: we like to sing

If the concept practically did not exist in France, many karaoke boxes have flourished in the last decade in France. These have been around for some time in Asia and it will undoubtedly pick up some steam in the future when the epidemic is behind us. It should be noted all the same that the prices remain relatively expensive in France even if we welcome rich play lists and powerful machines in the quality of sound and images compared to the precursors. The difficulty lies all the same in the choice of the place which must have sound insulation foolproof to avoid subjecting the neighborhood to real torture.

The silver economy or the aging of the population

Everything related to the silver economy is developing rapidly and it should be understood that this is quite normal since the population is aging. Brands like Vivason have spread everywhere and it must be said that they should not stop there and offer new offers adapted to the needs of the population. It should be noted that in 2030, those over 60 should represent around 1/3 of the French population against a quarter currently. This sector could also create 300,000 jobs by 2021… A good opportunity to be seized for the future.

Of course, many new concepts are being deployed such as cosmetics for men, online training or all those related to services for freelancers / self-employed. So many concepts that could appeal to you.…