Suggest A Site

If you would like to suggest a web site for inclusion into the search engine to be reviewed by our editorial staff , please be sure that it meets the following criteria:

1) Search to see if the site is already indexed by typing the Domain name ( in the search box on the home page.
2) The web site(s) must have it’s own URL / domain, NO Geocities, Myspace, Blogger etc…
3) The site MUST contain a substantial amount of Divrei Torah in either Text, Audio or Video format.
4) The web site must not contain vast amounts of external links.

Any web sites not meeting ALL the criteria will be rejected. Our editors reserve the right to reject any site not deemed trustworthy / kosher enough. If a web site is accepted, the site owners will be contacted directly, using the contact info listed on their site. We will not contact any web site that is rejected. Please refrain from suggesting a web site more than once. If you suggested a web site and it doesn’t appear in the results after a couple weeks, chances are that it’s been rejected.

If you understand and agree to all these terms, enter the URL(s) here: