Shabbat Shalom Weekly: Vayetzei 5767 –

If you would like to support the Shabbat Shalom Weekly, please click here:. GOOD MORNING! What is the value of a life? If the situation arose, should you murder one person to save a million lives?

Judaism 101: Shabbat

For six days you may perform melachah, but the seventh day is a complete Sabbath, holy to the L-RD … it is an eternal sign that in six days, the L-RD made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed.

Shabbat Shalom Weekly: Shmini 5773 –

A smile costs nothing … but gives much. It enriches those who receive it without making poorer those who give it. It takes but a moment. However, the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.

Shabbat Shalom Weekly: Chukat 5776 –

1. Do I respect this person enough that I want to be more like him/her? Respect is crucial in any relationship, particularly marriage. The litmus test for respect is determining if you want to emulate this person.

Shabbat Shalom Weekly: V’Zot HaBracha 5763 –

The Torah Portion for Saturday, October 11 is that of Sukkot.. Parshat V’Zot HaBracha will be read on Simchat Torah, which is on Sunday, October 19 outside of Israel, and Saturday, October 18 in Israel.. Chag Same’ach! GOOD MORNING! Sukkot is the holiday of joy.

Aish Alumni Shabbaton

Over its 40-year history, Aish has produced thousands of alumni around the world. Now we are pleased to announce the first annual Alumni Association Shabbaton Reunion to be held in Passaic, NJ, on April 19-20, 2013.

Shabbat Shalom Weekly: Tetzaveh 5765 –

Dear Rabbi Packouz, I just started to read the Shabbat Shalom Weekly, I had to smile and I stopped reading all you holy words, because I wanted to say you Mazal tov to the birth of your first grandson.

Daily HALACHA by Rabbi Eli Mansour – 2 Halachot: Lighting …

On Friday night during Hanukah, it is proper to first light the Hanukah candles before lighting the Shabbat candles. We customarily light the Shabbat candles eighteen minutes before sundown, so a few minutes before then – approximately 20-25 minutes before sundown – one should light the Hanukah candles.