Shabbat: A Taste of the World to Come –

We all know of Shabbat as a day of rest, but in this video Mrs. Slonim goes through the deeper meaning of Shabbat as a homecoming for the soul, as well as many details and interesting facts about this special day.

Shabbat: Imitating Creation –

Exodus chapter 35 begins with Moses gathering the people, ostensibly to teach them the Torah which he received at Sinai. He begins with the laws of Shabbat.

Shabbos Talk –

Excerpted from Angels at the Table: A Practical Guide to Celebrating Shabbat (Continuum 2011). There is a very funny scene in the 1983 Monty Python movie The Meaning of Life in which a man and a woman enter a restaurant and are handed menus that offer them not choices of food, but choices of possible conversational topics instead. As they gaze doubtfully at their menus, their pushy waiter …

Shabbat Salads –

Enhance your Shabbat menu with one of these low in fat, healthy, fresh salads. Your family and guests will thank you!

Shabbat Fun for Kids –

Tried-and-true ways to make Shabbat great for kids. Let’s face it. Shabbat has a lot of don’ts and can’ts. The challenge for parents is to convey how all the “restrictions” actually open up an exciting new dimension of fun. With the right approach, Shabbat becomes the kids’ favorite day …

Shabbat in One Hour (Or So) –

Some people make big, elaborate meals for Shabbat and enjoy making one thing every day in preparation for the Friday festivities. Others (like myself), prefer the Thursday-night or Friday-morning whirl of activity.

Shabbat in an Hour –

With an up sized family and a down sized freezer, we count more on preparing for each Shabbat separately. 1. Peel all the vegetables, wash check\debug, line up pots and pans, slice and drop into pots, season and cook.

Why This Jewish Billionaire Keeps Shabbat –

Adam Neumann, 38, is a young billionaire and considered one of the world’s most promising Israeli business men. Adam told Yediot Acharonot that he’s been keeping Shabbat with his wife and 5 children these past 2 years.

How To –

How to Make Havdalah. by The Aish Academy. After Shabbat. Friday Night. Shabbos Talk. by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller. Practical tips for creating fun and meaningful conversation. Shabbat Day. Shabbat Afternoon and Third Meal. by Mrs. Lori Palatnik. For many, the last part of Shabbat is the more spiritually fulfilling.

36. Shabbat – The Jewish Website –

The image of a Jewish woman lighting Sabbath candles is a timeless symbol of Judaism. In lighting the candles, she invites peace and harmony into the home, infusing the atmosphere with spiritual and physical light.

Shabbat –

Judaism 101: The basic philosophical, theological and legal concepts of Judaism

The Shabbat App –

The Yiddish expression means something like, “not fit for doing on Shabbos.” I’m in my late-50’s, and not really comfortable with all the new technology,

Shabbat Afternoon and Third Meal –

For many, the last part of Shabbat is the more spiritually fulfilling. The Shabbat Nap The body is on a natural 7-day cycle, and the nap can promote physical and emotional health by alleviating stress and boosting the immune system. Beyond this, it’s actually a mitzvah to nap on Shabbat! In fact, it …

Fasting on Shabbat

It is forbidden for a person to fast until midday on Shabbat. Even one who involves himself in prayer and Torah study on Shabbat morning must make a point of eating – and preferably beginning the Shabbat meal – before midday.