Forgiving My Father –

I sit here with tears running down my cheeks as I finish reading Ayelet’s experience “Forgiving my father.” Two days ago I finally forgave my father, and I feel the power. I am 54, pretty old to finally wake up.

The Transformer – The Jewish Website –

Reuven Feuerstein is the quintessential believer in the power of the human spirit. Just ask 16-year-old Alex, the English boy who had half his brain surgically removed and who experts said would, at best, attain the mental level of an idiot.

What I Learned from the Lubavitcher Rebbe –

Out of the blue, the Rebbe summoned me. He wanted to send me on a challenging mission. Changing the course of Jewish history is a feat accomplished by but a few truly remarkable giants. To his hundreds of thousands of followers and to his admirers around the world, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi …

Avatar: Bad Guys and Good Guys –

Avatar hero Jake Sully’s decision to become a Na’vi is not the only switching of sides that takes place during the course of the three-hour movie. The audience also transfers their loyalties from the values that define Western civilization to a radically different set of values. The three …

Happy Kosher Thanksgiving – aishcom

Penina Jacobs is a wife, mother and educator. She has a B.A. in Acting/Directing, teacher certification in English and Drama and an M.A. in Educational Theatre from New York University.

Appel’s Parsha Page Parshat Korach: For the Sake of Peace

Though he was totally in the right, and though he exposed himself to insult and humiliation, Moses did all he could to stop a tragedy. In acting this way, Moses provided subsequent generations with an exemplary model of what constitutes true humility, and showed how far one must go to put ego aside for the sake of peace.

“You Killed Jesus!” – aishcom

As the crowd got rowdy, a group of between 50 and 75 supporters of Catholic Memorial started a chant of their own. “You killed Jesus!” they yelled at Newton’s team and supporters, repeating the slur over and over through the gym. The Newton students fell silent, shocked and upset.