Self Respect Versus Arrogance –

What are the roots of a healthy sense of self? We are all aware that self-esteem is essential to our happiness and well-being and to establishing loving relationships. But how many people do you know who have a true, unshakeable sense of self, one that is not dependent on social approval or someone …

An American in Auschwitz –

Jews the world over will soon observe the fast of Tisha B’Av, the ninth day of the Jewish month of Av, which commemorates the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in the year 70 C.E.The date is baked into Jewish consciousness as a slice of time fraught with peril, redolent with the scent of tragedy.

Torah With Morrie #4: Live Like You’re Dying –

Living life urgently, intensely and purposefully. Someday we are all going to die. Even though we all know it, most of us spend our lives pretending as if we will live forever. Who wants to deal with their eventual demise? Facing death is frightful not only because we have to give up everything we …

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? –

Bernard Hochstein had one sure-fire method: give away your hard-earned money to charity. Bernard Hochstein, a man fondly described as “larger than life,” lived by his lofty principles and inspired others to do the same. At the age of 96, he returned his soul to its Maker, and his rich legacy is an …

Video: Anger Management –

I was about to delete some of my email sites permanently and when I opened “Aish” instead of deleting, my eyes caught the attention “Anger Management.” Rav, now I will keep your blog and listen to it on a daily basis for my spiritual reinforcement.

Putting Marriage First –

The idea that you need to focus more on kids, work, or friends than your marriage is an excuse for running away from having an exceptional marriage. You didn’t marry to be absorbed by everything else but your marriage.

Requiem for a Nightmare –

Requiem for a Nightmare. Oct 20, 2013 | by Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin. A story of survival and a libretto for six million. Peter Gary was a nice Jewish boy. He was an only child living with his parents in Budapest, 1937. And he was busy. He studied languages and music. He spoke Hungarian, German, and French – he learned those languages at school …

My Encounter with Hemingway –

My encounter with Hemingway became all the more poignant when on July 2, 1961 I learned with the world that the man whose hand wrote the books we revere to this day chose to use it to put the barrel of his shotgun into his mouth and commit suicide.

Age Fifteen – The Jewish Website –

Fifteen is the number that conceals God’s name, and is the mysterious turning point for three generations of one family. Most Jewish teenagers growing up in Australia during the 1960s were, like me, children of concentration camp survivors.

My Top 10 Quotes – The Jewish Website –

Words that inspire, motivate and ultimately transform. I love quotations – how a single phrase can encapsulate a penetrating insight or a piece of inspirational life wisdom. Here’s my personal list of top 10 quotes. Each one has transformed my life in a significant way. I’m sure you have some …