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Sarah Pachter is a dynamic, motivational speaker who has lectured throughout the US and Israel. For the past thirteen years Sarah has passionately taught women of all ages and levels of Jewish observance, drawing in large crowds with her innovative and personal touch.

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At 11 months of age, Izzy Zundell could happily occupy himself with banging the pots and pans on the kitchen floor. His older brother Roovy, and sister Batya, delighted in playing with him and, other than the fact that he seemed to be a little slow to walk and talk, life was normal. When he was a year old, the Zundell family moved to Chicago.

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one should be thankful that one is tempted to eat the non kosher sandwich as by resisting the temptation one grows spiritually which is a reward in this world, and as you write one is able to bring that growth to the next world thereby gaining a greater ability to bask/cleave to the divine presence which is the reward there.

Climbing the Mountain: Essay and Interview with Kirk Douglas

It is interesting that my mother (Stella Carbone) wrote about the story of the golden box in her comments to Kirk Douglas. A few years back she gave me a golden box with a beautiful note inside. It was one of the most meaningful gifts she has given me. She told me later that the story came from Kirk Douglas.

What’s a Former Christian, Orthodox Woman Doing as Dean of …

Malka Schaps, a world-renowned professor of mathematics, is smashing glass ceilings. It’s been a long road for Malka, now a 65-year-old grandmother of 17. She grew up as Mary Elizabeth Kramer in suburban Ohio, attending Christian Sunday school where she studied Bible stories and memorized the Ten …

What’s Bothering Rashi? Parshat Re’eh: Laws of Slaughtering

And you will slaughter etc. as I have commanded you – RASHI: This teaches us that there is a command regarding slaughtering [animals to be eaten], how one should slaughter, and these must be the laws of slaughtering which were told to Moses at Sinai.

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SECURITY IS MAN’S DEEPEST CONCERN. The shield is a universal symbol of security. Since security is always our deepest concern, as the events of the recent weeks amply demonstrate, it is the first idea we stress in the Amidah prayer.

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Sharon Matten lives in Chicago and is a Freelance Pastry Chef, Kosher Food Writer & Blogger, Cable TV guest Chef, Wilton Cake Instructor, Cookbook Contributing Editor, Electrical Engineer, Wife & Mom (not in order of importance!).She writes the weekly www.koshereveryday.com blog about cooking kosher with a family and busy life – pictures and recipes included!