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Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi is interviewed by spokesman, Rabbi Cohen on the Seven Laws of Noah.

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What is Moshiach? by Rabbi Mendy Hecht. A. Moshiach (or Messiah in English) means “the anointed one” in Hebrew. Moshiach is a core and fundamental belief in Judaism, next to Torah and G-d Himself. It is Belief #12 of Maimonides ’ Thirteen Principles of Faith.It describes the very purpose and direction of Judaism itself.

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נכתב על ידי iio SATURDAY, 24 FEBRUARY 2018 20:21 המאמר אינו זמין בעברית. Which is the better option? Hear Machon Shilo’s Rabbi David Bar-Hayim elaborate in the following video interview:

Can Anyone Perform Shechita? – Kosher

The most comprehensive kosher cookbook, Spice and Spirit shows you how to infuse your cooking with both the spice and spirit of kosher food. Includes over 800 recipes, as well as guides to Kashrut, Shabbat, and the holidays.

The Limb of a Living Animal – Negative Commandment 182 …

The 182nd prohibition is that we are forbidden from eating the limb of a living animal. This applies when the limb was cut from the animal while it was still alive, and one eats a kezayis from the limb as it was in its original form.1 Even if there was only a minute amount of actual flesh, one who …

by Rabbi Aron Tendler – The Judaism Site It’s All About Redemption Part II Page: 2 G-d placed Adam and Chava in the …

What is special about the number seven? – torah codes and …

Thanks for your article by Rabbi Shalo, “What is Special about the Number Seven.” I also had read that circling seven times (for example, the bride circling the groom seven times or the Hasidim and Sephardim circling a coffin seven times prior to burial) is related to the notion of a magic circle to keep intruders or evil away.

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Rabbi Pinchas Taylor. Rabbi Pinchas Taylor grew up in Plantation, FL and studied Jewish thought and practice at the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, NJ and Yeshivas Ohr Elchanon Chabad in Los Angeles, CA.

Understanding the Torah. Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim. Question: The following verse appears to give gentiles permission to worship the luminaries: “When you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars–all the heavenly array–do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the Lord your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven” (Deut. 4:19 ).

The Power of Penitence –

Tshuva is one of the most uplifting experiences in life. But, the pain of facing past errors and the need to make real changes in order to set one’s life on a healthier…

Thursday: The Virtue of Simplicity – Fifth Reading …

Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson (11 Nissan 1902–3 Tammuz 1994) became the seventh rebbe of the Chabad dynasty on 10 Shevat 1950. He is widely acknowledged as the greatest Jewish leader of the second half of the 20th century, a dominant scholar in both the revealed and hidden aspects of Torah, and fluent in many languages and on scientific subjects.

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Moshiach will be a man who possesses extraordinary qualities. He will be proficient in both the written and oral Torah traditions. He will incessantly campaign for Torah observance among Jews and observance of the Seven Universal Noahide Laws by non-Jews.

Converting Compassion by Dovid Gottesman — Kol Torah

(2008/5768) When discussing protective laws, the Torah states, “ VeGeir Lo Toneh VeLo Tilchatzenu Ki Geirim Heyitem BeEretz Mitzrayim ,” “You shall not abuse a stranger and you shall not oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt” (Shemot 22:20). Rashi states that