Store – Above Nature –

People misunderstand what happens to them in life when they attribute events to nature and random fate. Hashem is above nature, and emuna takes you above nature. An amazing CD!

Store – Mayim Achronim Set –

Mayim Achronim Set A very elegant nickel-plated mayim achronim set inlaid with blue crystals. Height: 15 c”m. A beautiful Shabbat item that will enhance your Shabbat ambience!

Store – Segula for Marriage –

A beautiful gold-plated amulet inscribed with the kabbalistic names. A segula for finding your destined one and getting married. Handcrafted by artist Matanel ben Yehuda. Size: 5×8 c”m. Exclusively sold by Breslev Israel.

Store – Tree of Blessings and Blessing for the Home in …

New! A stunning Tree of Blessings and Blessing for the Home in Hebrew, made of polyresin and colored in silver with a Jerusalem-themed design. Tree size: 20 c”m. The tree tops are made of silver-colored leaves with blessings such as love, peace, integrity, joy, faith, independance and more. The Blessing for the Home is situated in the center of the tree top on a pearl-colored background and …

Shaul Wertheimer on Sefaria

Shaul Wertheimer is on Sefaria. Follow to view their public source sheets, notes and translations.