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What is the second tithe all about? Is the term derived from rabbinic sources, or is it used in the Torah? Imagine being commanded to take 10% of your profits to Jerusalem, where there you must spend all of it on food that your heart desires – whether lamb chops, pickles, coca cola, or tofu …

Separating Tithes from Fruits & Vegetables

Take a little more than 1% of each species. Place it in a plastic bag, which should be touching the pile. Ideally, the quantity of each tithe is calculated by weight, but it is valid if done through volume or number.

How to Give Tzedakah (Charity) and Maaser (Tithe)

This video reveals how giving charity is the ultimate way to change both ourselves and the world around us. Through interviews with successful business-people, an in-depth look at ancient sources, and practical discussions of the laws, Rabbi Dan Roth inspires us to reach higher and give more.

Pesach Sheni: The Holiday of Second Chances –

Pesach Sheni, the holiday of second chances, reminds us that we can always change our steps and return home. Share this article. About the Author. Karen Wolfers Rapaport. More by this Author > Karen Wolfers Rapaport is a psychotherapist specializing in Narrative Therapy. She holds a BA from UCLA and an MA in Counseling Psychology from Boston …

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It is God’s will that there exist a certain degree of uniformity in Jewish practices, as well as in the interpretation of the Law. It is thus written, “There shall be one Torah and one law for you” (Numbers 15:16).

Tzedakah Basics: Monetary – Charity & Loans Response on …

This is colloquially called tzedakah (charity), which Maimonides lists charity as one of the 613 mitzvahs. Maaser Ani, or the “Poor tithe,” is an obligation to set aside 10% of produce grown in Israel for the poor (Deuteronomy 14:28).

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Yisrael Meir Lau is the Chairman of Yad Vashem and Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv. He previously served as the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel. His father, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lau, was the last Chief Rabbi of the Polish town of Piotrkow.

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It was a true privilege to give the charity presentation today to such a distinguished group of people as the avreichim in the Mir. One of the beauties of the presentation is the ease with which it can be tweaked to suit each audiences needs, and today’s event was no exception.

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Due to limited resources, the Ask the Rabbi service is intended for Jews of little background with nowhere else to turn. People with questions in Jewish law should consult their local rabbi.

Tu Bishvat, Past and Present –

In Mishnaic times Tu B’Shvat was only a tax date. A legal date regulating tithing and other agricultural obligations, such as Bikkurim (first fruits), Orlah, Maaser and Teruma, that needed to be separated before Jews could eat produce that grew in Israel.The tithed fruit was distributed and eaten by the poor, the Levites and the Priests.

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I have had question on kosher basics and I intend to eat only kosher food. Being a non Jew it is tricky to find out such guide and the food outlets and shops that ensure the food I take is Kosher. I have observed in some of the outlets that pork products share the same display as the rest of meals.

Henny Machlis: A Truly Great Jewish Woman –

Sara Yoheved Rigler is a popular international lecturer on subjects of Jewish spirituality. She has given lectures and workshops in Israel, England, France, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Panama, and over 35 American cities.

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Thus, if a particular plant is a tree, the fruit produced in its first three years is prohibited; if it is not a tree, the fruit may be eaten immediately. Although orlah is an agricultural mitzvah, it applies outside Eretz Yisroel. However, there is a major difference between orlah on fruits that grow in Eretz Yisroel and those that grow in …

Matanos La’evyonim by Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff This article was originally published in Yated Neeman Megillas Esther teaches that one of the mitzvos established by Mordechai and Esther was “matanos la’evyonim,” giving gifts to the poor.

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Does Tzedakah Have a Limit? Halacha Talk By Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff There is a knock on my door, and I find myself face-to-face with a stranger holding a letter from the local Vaad HaTzedakah.

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As a kollel couple on a very tight budget, my husband & I were discussing one night that if we give all the maaser we should, that we might not be able to cover our expenses.